Marketing.. the talk of this era

The importance of marketing lies in being the language of the times, and the address of communication between the seller and the buyer, and its importance determines the chances of profit and loss, and through a comprehensive view of an expert marketer who can explore the results before the start of the sale process through the course of the marketing mechanism.


So what is marketing?


Marketing is:

Understanding the needs of the target audience "consumer" to produce goods or services that fit and satisfy these needs.


Marketing = selling

One of the public misconceptions is that marketing means selling, and the difference lies in:


Marketing: It begins before the existence of the “product / commodity / service” to be promoted.


Marketing: Its life is the same as the life of the product. When it ends, its existence ends.


Sale: Exists if the product / commodity / service is designed.


Selling: The selling process only occurs after the product has been manufactured.


Marketing Levels?


Before you start in the marketing sector, you must be familiar with the marketing levels, which are as follows:

·        Responsive marketing: the marketer knows the needs of consumers, to search for ways to meet this need, such as making a product, or activating a service.

·        Proactive Marketing: the marketer predicts the loaded needs, and the marketer reaches this stage with the abundance of marketing research.

·        Re-need marketing: offering a service or product that has not been in demand for a very long time.


Final Flash:


"I don't serve markets, I create them."

Understanding marketing is understanding the customer's need and ensuring your survival in the market, as it is your continuous journey with the product and the customer.

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