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Previously, if you asked those around you about working remotely, you would find different and varied answers, all of which revolved around the fact that it is a seriously unwelcome idea, and today, after the Corona pandemic, many turned to the content industry to create job opportunities in remote work paths, and the skill of writing content was the destination of the creators of the term and idea makers.


Content writing concept and basics


In your hands are important concepts to visualize content writing and its basics:


Content writing


Is translating ideas and information and presenting them through creative outputs that include:

·        Visual outputs.

·        Audio outputs.

·        Read output.


Content writing steps.. and basics


Among the most important steps that every content writer must follow before starting writing:

1.      Determine the target audience.

2.     Knowing the message to be delivered.

3.     Determine the presentation method (podcast, video, infographic...etc).

4.     Knowledge of the platform used (social media platforms, external advertisements, traditional platforms).


Content writing types


There are many types of writing, perhaps the most prominent of which are:

- Creative Writing: It means teaser writing for a product and we often see it in campaign ads.

- Technical writing: (on web pages/internet).


Content marketing relationship


As we mentioned at the beginning, we must know the target audience, which makes it easier for us to develop a marketing plan that includes the strengths that we must highlight through the content, and the weaknesses that we must improve or avoid until we reach the desired goal (increase sales, establish a brand... etc).


Final Flash


Rewriting is part of the writing process.

The continuity of remote work behind her is continuous content writing that provides her with ideas and products to create selling content.

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