Followed steps; for a milestone brand

Successful systems are based on clear and specific strategies that are translated on the ground as a prevailing culture followed by empowered competencies to achieve their desired goals. In this article, we discuss their concept, skills, and successful steps.


Strategies are:


A process through which we determine how to follow the steps that were established in the marketing plan; In order to achieve a goal, it also expresses the perception that establishes what the establishment / organization should be.


Strong strategic skills


Those who write strategies must have several skills, most notably:

·        The ability to analyze and interpret data.

·        The ability to think long term.

·        Reading and renewal; To keep abreast of modern ideas, globalization in management and related issues.


Followed steps for a successful strategy


To build a successful strategy, steps are:

1.      SWOT analysis, which includes (identifying strengths and weaknesses, knowing threats and opportunities) the current state of the organization.

2.     Searching for competitors and analyzing them (what distinguishes them, what they lack, how did they succeed...etc).

3.     Determine the desired objectives of implementing this strategy (establishing a brand, increasing sales...etc).


Final Flash


One final piece of advice. Observe the current situation.. Determine your strengths/weaknesses.. Develop your plan.. Execute.

Finally, what after reading this article? Apply the last piece of advice: “Execute.” Strategies have been developed for that purpose, otherwise they will remain mere words.. ink on paper..

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