Senior Account Manager

Account Specialist works directly with clients to find out their goals and determine how the company can achieve them. Their duties include regularly meeting quotas, goals, and other forms of client expectations, helping clients understand their budget or resource limits and consistently meeting project deadlines set by the client.

Acting as the main point of contact between the company and the client.
Building and maintaining strong and long-term relationships with clients.
Identify areas of improvement to meet the client's needs.
Preparing reports on the status of the account to be submitted to the senior management.
Building and maintaining positive, long-term relationships with clients to build trust.
Ensuring that operations are proceeding according to plan and completed in accordance with the required quality standards.
Work to develop and update customer databases on a permanent and continuous basis.
Writing work progress reports periodically.
Coordination with the different departments in the completion of the work, each according to his specialization.
Develop proposals for potential clients and actively communicate with clients about the company's services.
Visiting clients at their workplace to discuss or explain the presentations.
Providing customers with the expected time period so that the workers know the expected date of completion of the expected or required service.
Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering, Business Administration, or a related field.
At least one year of experience in the same or similar field.
Fluent in spoken and written English.
Familiarity with the use of Microsoft programs and proficiency in working with special tools.
Having a potential customer base.
Ability to prepare various reports.
Consistent ability to juggle multiple account management projects simultaneously, while maintaining keen attention to detail.
Excellent listening, negotiation, and presentation abilities.
Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Skills of working on analytical programs and extracting results.
Familiarity with all sufficient information related to the products and services provided.
The ability to self-control.
Ability to build effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
Effectiveness, influence, and persuasion of others.
Focusing on solutions and providing advice to senior management.

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