WOW celebrates its anniversary


 A year full of accomplishments, full of success partners, whose details we lived moment by moment, step by step, with a creative team led by his passion for work and his determination to succeed, and today we celebrate with him the WOW anniversary as an embodiment of the company's interest in its employees.


As one of the programs aimed at motivating them in our belief in the important role occupied by WOW employees, and in appreciation of their good career, WOW Company organized its ninth annual ceremony under the slogan “مد النظر”, in honor of its distinguished employees and in appreciation of their efforts and constant pursuit in the journey of success, on Saturday, February 4, 2023 in Al-Ammariya Hills in Riyadh.


The CEO, Mr. Mohamed Al-Sultan, opened the ceremony with his speech and addressed several axes, the most important of which are:


- Reviewing the most prominent achievements of the year 2022 achieved by the team, in which he praised the efforts of the company's employees in strengthening its position, gaining the trust of its customers, and expanding its activities during the past year; Which contributed to the company achieving remarkable growth and a high rate of achievements.


Introducing the objectives of the next three years and informing employees of the company's directions, strategic and expansion plans, and the most prominent growth features and directions aimed at harmony with the vision of national transformation in the Kingdom.


The ceremony witnessed honoring employees who distinguished themselves, contributed to distinguished initiatives and achieved exceptional goals.


The annual party of "WOW" company comes within the framework of the company's activities to enhance the spirit of communication among its employees, and motivate them to give more. In an effort to create a distinguished work environment that encourages innovation and creativity, and is characterized by trust, appreciation and cooperation among its employees, and to create a spirit of fun, entertainment and familiarity among them.


In conclusion: We are proud of our creative team in WOW, in which we see the will of our present and future, our ambition and the passion for our achievement, which was reflected in the satisfaction of our customers, and today we celebrated honoring them in the annual WOW 💙

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