Integrated Marketing Impact Enterprise of the year - WOW


     During the past 9 years, WOW Company has provided thousands of marketing solutions within an integrated marketing framework that pushes us to achieve impact for customers. We also believe in Wow Company that creative marketing solutions are one of the communication pillars to achieve a tangible impact at all levels. WOW Company has grown significantly by 400% from What it was before the Corona period, and the number of employees exceeded more than 60 employees. And we worked continuously to make this crisis an element of positive development for the company in a way that guarantees growth and sustainability, and this positivity is reflected in the partners and customers of the organization.


9 years of progress, achievement and growth for clients and partners in the Middle East and our current expansion in the implementation of business and marketing services in the Gulf countries and the Middle East. The model of success in WOW is that we do not sell the service in order to bridge the marketing need gap, but rather we sell the result that guarantees the growth of our partners and ensures sustainability for their for-profit and non-profit organizations.


WOW Company worked hard during the Corona crisis to implement communication campaigns during that period, which contributed greatly to delivering educational messages to all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and contributing to facing the global challenge. Communication targets were achieved during that period.


Finally, WOW Company is absolutely certain that this marketing and communication services sector is in a very high growth. The fuel that drives growth is creativity, analysis, implementation, and eagerness to succeed. We are one of the leaders in this sector, and we aspire to be at a more and more advanced level.


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